Chibi Monster Series 1 – Medusa and her Valentine.

So… at the beginning of Febuary I entered a ‘Cute Monster T-shirt’ contest on  I created one ‘Cute Monster’ by Chibi-fying one of the classic monsters of mythology……Medusa….


She was always one of my favorites in mythology.  I always thought that she got such a bad rap anyway.  So I dedicated my t-shirt to her.  I also added her Romeo….


And the result of the poor fool who dared to court Medusa….


Doesn’t Love Rock?    LOL.  Corney but hey I think they’re cute.  Combined together into a shirt….


If you happen to decide you’d love to have this as a tshirt…. voting is still going on…

Please visit and vote “I’d Wear This”

Otherwise… I’m simply displaying my art and what has rapidly become somewhat of an obsession for me.  Just a lil mini obsession… but one anyway.  You see… I couldn’t stop at just Medusa…. soon I was thinking…. what other classic monsters from mythology can I chibi-fy?


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