The Ramblings of a Sleeping Mind

Wife crawls into bed.

Wife: Goodnight sweetheart.
Husband: I need to stop sniffing Tide….. Good ol’ cocaine from now on.
Wife:……well I guess you can’t sniff all white powder equally….
Husband: I think il try heating up some Dawn in a spoon and shooting that.
Wife:…….*snicker* this is so going on Facebook later.
Husband: Huh? What’d I say????
Wife: Nuthin dear…go back to sleep.
Husband: ok…..zzzzzzzzz……Dammit Stucky!!

~ this was an actual conversation between my husband and me late one night. He was sound asleep and has no recollection of this conversation….which just make it all the more hilarious.

*disclaimer: in no way shape or form am I condoning the use of drugs of any sort. Nor am I encouraging people to attempt to use cleaning materials in the attempt to get high…..most cleaning materials are hazardous to your health when taken internally. So don’t be stupid.


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