The Floor Looked Lonely

(Sh** My Husband Says part 2)

Now most of you may have seen my previous blog where I talked about some of the sarcastic, witty and hilarious things that comes rolling out of my husbands mouth before he engages the brain to mouth filter in his brain.  About a month ago, I’m talking with him and he tells me that he’s slipped and ‘busted his a$$’ at work.  I, being a loving caring woman I am, of course make sure he is alright before I start laughing at him.  To make matters worse, he apparently fell right in front of his boss.  The man looks at him and has a ‘here’s your sign’ moment.  He really says, “You fall?”  My husband just stares and blinks for a moment and replies….”Nope, floor looked lonely so I hugged it unannounced”.


LMAO I bout died…. so the next time your a$$ meets the floor ‘unintentionally’….remember, you didn’t fall….the floor looked lonely so you hugged it unannounced!!!!!


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