I need a good venting…..

So… here I am happily working behind my desk, researching some places for me and the Hubby to have a nice Romantic Getaway (SOON).  Yea… Momma’s been a lil stressed and needs a mini vaca with her man.  This past week has been a trek into the bowels of domestic single-mother hell.  You see…. on Sunday March 11th my Hubby left for a job- not a permenant type of left…. he’s an oil-rigger so they have to take trips out of state frequently.  Anyway, he left Sunday for what should have been a simply 3 day job down in Texas.  No biggy right?  *snort* Well the week before our car breaks down… I find out the Monday after he left that the transmission went out on it and that it would be $2,000 at least to rebuild it and that wasn’t counting the labor hours the mechanic tacks on.  Now, considering that this was a 2000 Chevy Blazer with 100k miles on it… not really a big surprise.  What really pissed me off was that we had been forced by circumstance and desperation to purchase this POS vehicle from a used car dealership that lured us in with the promise of no credit checks.  Considering we have lousy credit… I mean really who doesn’t now with the way the economy is?  Seriously who has good credit anymore?  I sure as heck don’t know anyone.  Even people who had pristine credit… when the economy tanked they had to make the choice…. pay the credit card bill …or poor food on the table…. decisions decisions.  Again I digress…..  So we got suckered into buying this piece of crap Blazer… and immediatly things started going wrong….the window on the front passanger side stopped working…. the door panels were threatening to come off…. the front console popped off…. the back windshield wipers didn’t work and the fluid leaked……  but you know it ran so at the time it was do-able.  From the get go I started having problems with the car-company -Car-Mart.  They got our pay schedule wrong… I told them I wanted to pay on the 1st and the 15th of every month (twice a month) which apparently is different then ‘every two weeks’…. which is what they put us down for.  So the first time they called saying we were late…. they called at oh-dark-thirty in the morning while I was asleep.  Course… at the time I didn’t recognize the number so I silenced the phone rolled over and went back to sleep.  They then called my husband who was in the middle of studying for his CDL test and was already uber frazzled.  The B**ch got an attitude with him and told him that we needed to come in a pay our bill.  To which he turns around and calls me… a lil frazzled and spazzing because she threatened to come get the Blazer.  Woke me up and everything.

I’m not a very nice person if I’m woken up wrong.  In fact… I go from being a reasonably nice sweet girl to a class A roaring bitch.  To which all that irritation was directed at lil miss to-much-tan at Car-Mart.  So I call her back..and jump down her throat….I schedule a time to come in and FIX the pay date schedule fubar… no problem…easy right?

HA!  Wrong!

So I go in right, and talk to her… this is where they give me some bullshit about the fact that there’s some difference between ‘twice and month’ and ‘every two weeks’….’because in some monthes you’ll get paid three times’.  WTF?  Ok….. And if I wanted to change my scheduled payments from ‘every two weeks’ to ‘twice a month’ I would have to go and get refinanced yada yada yada and the payments would be higher.  They were already taking me for $172 twice a month.  Thats $344 a month….but oh wait… if it was one of the monthes that we got paid more then twice then I’d be coughing up $516 that month.  Are you fu**ing kiding me?????  Then they tell me that once I pay the once a year tax time payment…… which was $714 mine you…. that I could probably come in and get that fixed.  So yea…needless to say I left that day so furious I wanted to kill something.  From that point on…even thought I had told them that dispite what the paperwork said…. I would be paying on the 1st and 15th of every month….. I would still get constant calls ‘reminding’ me that I had a payment.


Then after 3 mos…. the starter goes out on the damn Blazer.  Leaves me stranded at work.  Costs us over $500 between the repair bill and the towing fee.  And of course… that wasn’t covered under their warrenty.  Then the Car-Mart idiot calls me again and decides that we really need to ‘talk’ about my payments because I ‘needed to fix them so I wouldn’t be late anymore’.  So I go in and talk to her…. imagining grabbing her by her bleached blonde highlighted hair and peeling that orange-fake tan off her bones. (what can I say… I have some violent tendancies).  Anyway she starts talking bout ‘refinancing’.  I tell her straight up that unless she could garentee that my payments would be cheaper….I wasn’t refinancing anything.  That they were already bleeding me dry.  To which she gives me this big wide-eyes innocent look asking me what on earth I was talking about.  So I tell her all the things that are wrong with the vehicle.  How I had to put a new starter in it out of my own pocket…. and how I was already paying over $300 a month for that vehicle.  She really says ‘but thats a normal car payment’.

I wanted to reach over and strangle her.  Really?  I researched cars… I knew what I wanted… I just didn’t have the money or the fu**ing credit to get what I wanted.  If I had good credit… I could have gotten a brand new Jeep for less then $200 a month.  Or I could have gotten a brand new Ford for around $300 a month.  And thats what I told her too…. I pointed out that yea $344 was a regular car payment for a NEW CAR…. not an 11 yr old POS Blazer with 100k miles on it.  That screw it I would just pay the late charges and be done with it.

Less then a month after that little conversation…. the Transmission went out…. stranding my husband, me and my 3 yr old son at Walmart.  I wasn’t worried though…. the Transmission was covered under their lil warranty.  No biggie right?


I call them up and tell them about the transmission going out and that I had taken it to a mechanic and had a diognostic done….what did I now have to do?  She asks me ‘have you had it 5 monthes’?  Welll…yea…. kinda,…. it broke down on the five month DAY.  To which she replies… well then the warranty is void now…. it’s 5 monthes or such and such many miles…. but come in and talk to us and we can help you.

I barely keep myself from throwing the phone across my sister-in-laws yard.  I’m so pissed.  At that point I say fine…. screw it.  I’m surrending the blast car and going to get a new one.

And I do…. I picked up a lil ’05 Ford Taurus with around 61K miles on it…… it runs really good.  Everything looks good.   And what do you know…. it’s a once a month payment and it CHEAPER then the other place.  I’m a happy camper.  Now I just have to go and get all my crap outa the Blazer and call the Car-mart hussy and tell her to go get it I’m done.

Unfortunatly…. here in Oklahoma everything shuts down on the weekends but…oh,…Walmart and McDonalds.  So I have to wait to go to the Blazer.   Then I work on Monday (today) too.

So now we’re back at the beginning of my lil rant….  I’m sitting in my nice library, its quiet.  The rain is pouring down outside.  My lil car go me to work in one piece and practically floated over the ground with such a smooth ride that I had a hard time staying awake.

Next thing I know my Boss is telling me I have a phonecall.  I’m thinking it’s either my husband (unlikely since he hates to call without a reason)…. or my sister-in-law telling me theres something wrong with my son or asking me to pick something up on the way home.  What I WASN’T expecting was lil miss Car-Mart hussy to be on the other end of that phone.

The conversation when like this:

Me: What do you want? (I’m all kinds of polite ain’t I?)

Car-Mart Hussy: I’m calling to talk to you bout your account.

Me: Ok…why are you calling me at work??? (Nothin gets me hotter then some fool sales person calling me at my job…. wtf?)

Car-Mart Hussy: Because I couldn’t get you on your cell.

Me: Thats because I’M AT WORK….. you know what,…. nevermind.  I’ll be dropping off the keys here very soon.  I’m surrending the vehicle.

Car-Mart Hussy: Why?  Whats wrong?

Me: It’s broke down AGAIN! And I’m not paying another cent for a vehicle that I can’t drive.

Car-Mart Hussy: Well when will you be dropping it off.

Me: I won’t be… ya’ll can go pick it up.  It’s at ______ Auto Sales in Wewoka.

Car-Mart Hussy: Is that where you got your new vehicle?

Me: No… thats where it was TOWED.  Thats my mechanic.  Have a good day…… *click*


Oooooh I hate it when people call me at work.  I don’t mind it if my husband or sister-in-law call me because it’s normally fairly important.  But why in all nine proverbial realms of hell do sales reps think it is OK to call a person at their job???  You think if you bother them at work that you’ll get your money faster?  Or maybe they’ll come buy something from you????  NO…. it just sends me off into a world of Pissed…. I mean seriously…. common courtesy people!

*deep breath* 1….2….3……4…….*breath out* 2….3….4……

Okay…. I’m better now…. just irritated the snot outa me.

So if anyone is looking at getting a used vehicle…..DON’T use Car-Mart.  Seriously their new policies are a pain in the ass.  And if you have to use a place like that…. please please don’t let yourself be so desperate that you don’t read and check everything.  I don’t care how long it takes or how badly you have to go to the bathroom…. don’t hurry through the paperwork.  And don’t be afraid to walk away from a bogus deal.  Hell with rising gas prices it would probably be better to just go ahead and spend what you were going on a vehicle….save it and buy a nice comfy bike.  Think about it…. no gas fill ups…. not car payments…no car insurance…… great exercise….  I’m beginning to think that biking to work might be a better idea all around.  I mean… hell… I could do to use a few pounds before bikini season sets in…….




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