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So since my hubby has been away on business the last week I have been chewing through books at a fairly impressive click.  I’m a paranormal romance fanatic…. I can’t get enough.  I love the genre…. I loved the genre long before it was cool to read ‘vampire romance’.  I loved the genre back when people would look at what I was read, wrinkle their nose, and sneer ‘how can you read that trash???”.   Probably one of the reasons I always thought Twilight was irritating…. other then promoting obessive behavior in teens.  Yea… think about it…. Edward dumps her and she looses over 6 months of her life…..then becomes suicidal in order to ‘hear Edwards voice’….. and when her bestie finally manages to drag her out of her depression….. she runs off to ‘save’ the jacka$$ who put her through all that crap…..  Now… would you want YOUR daughter to do that?  Yea…didn’t think so.  Plus….. Vampires aren’t sparkly…..just no….. but I digress.  Anyway, one of the benifits of the Twilight series was that it spawned an avalanche of paranormal romance authors to come out of the woodwork.  Suddenly the market is flooded with Vampires, Witches, Werewolves, Demons, Dragons, Otherkin and a whole slew of creatures that go bump in the night.  In my opinion, this is both a good thing…. and a bad thing….. Good because now there are TONS of books for me in a genre that a few years back had very slim pickings….. Bad because now there are TONS of books for me to shift through to find good quality Paranormal Romance.  And I’m sorry… all Romance is not created equal.  I don’t just want my characters to be having sex for the entire book.  What fun is that?  If I wanted that I’d go rent a freaking porno.   No… there has to be a plot…. the characters have to have depth….. the author has to make you care what happens to them…… so in my opinion…. at least one or both of them have to be tortured.   No, no…. I don’t necessarily mean they have to be strung up and quartered…. though that has it’s uses too….. but they have to have some sort of issue.  The story isn’t any fun if both the characters meet and fall instantly in love…. please…. when is it EVER that easy?   We all carry baggage that we have to wade through in order to be with that person who could be our one and only….. we all have to cross obsticles….. and that struggle is the very heart of what makes a romance novel worth reading.  Least in my humble opinion.  So I like my characters to be tall, dark, deadly, and handsome…. and can’t forget TORTURED.


I’ve been reading thise genre quite a while…. at least over a decade.  I’ve chewed my way from one side of the romance section to the other and am always on the look out for a new awesome author to be added to my Favorites list.  But so far… there are only a handful that make the cut.  How do I decide which ones make the cut and end up in my Favorites?  Simple…. the ones that I can’t put down and read over and over again.

So the list goes (in no particular order):

Gena Showalter: (series) Lords of the Underworld, Alien Huntress novels, Atlantis series

Kresley Cole: (series) Immortals After Dark

Laurell K. Hamilton: (Series) Anita Blake, Merideth Genry

Sherrilyn Kenyon: (series) Dark-Hunter series, Dream-Hunter series

Just to name a few.

Now I won’t go into all of them…. least not this very moment.  Probably will at another time.  If I tried now then it would be the never ending post.  So I will simply say if you havn’t read them…. you have GOT to try them.  I can garentee you won’t be disappointed.

For the time being, though, I would like to focus on the first name on my list…. Gena Showalter.  Why am I focusing on her???  Simple…. I just finished a couple of her books this week and need to rave about them.

At the top of the list  Darkest Surrender the story of Strider and his Harpy Kaia.  The premise of the series revolves around several warriors who in ancient times opened Pandora’s box and unleashed all the demons that had been caged inside upon the world.  As punishment, Zeus, paired each of the warriors with a demon…..essentially cursing them and bonding them forever.  If the warrior ever was killed, the demon would be unleashed upon the world again to find a new host and continue it’s destruction.  Now known as the Lords of the Underwold, they try to live as best they can with their demons all the while trying to keep one step a head of the Hunters who believe they are the root of all evil and trying to dodge interfering overbearing Deities.  If you decide to read this series (which I highly recommend that you do) I would start off with the first book Darkest Night.  Go in order with this series or I garentee you’ll be wonder WTF happened because you missed something.  Now back to Darkest Surrender; Strider is the Keeper if the demon of Defeat.  Any challenge he precieves he has to win at otherwise suffer excurciating pain for several days.  Kaia is a Harpy…. a decendent of Lucifer himself.  I have to say some of my favorite characters are the Harpies…. Wonderful character additions.  Do to a mistake she made as a child that cost her people hundreds of lives Kaia was forever labeled ‘Kaia the Disappointment’.  Forever trying to prove her worth Kaia is a fierce warrior carrying some serious self-esteem issues.  And this Harpy has her sights set on the Strider; the Keeper of the Demon of Defeat….. but like all men….. he’s being a pain-in-the-a$$.  As much as he is facinated by Kaia and some times kinda-sorta- likes being around her…. he knows that once he has her…. once the challenge is gone and he has his conquest…. he’ll loose interest.  He has already spend centuries being jerked around by woman who knew his weakness – once issued a challenge, ANY challenge, he has to win it otherwise suffer horribly- he’s reluctant to start any sort of relationship with Kaia knowing that one day he’d loose interest and hurt her.  Plus there’s the small fact that she slept with his friend Paris, Keeper of the Demon of Promiscuity.  Then comes the news that Kaia and her sisters – outcasts from the Harpy world- have been invited to the Harpy Games…. an event that they havn’t been invited to since Kaia’s mishap as a child.  They can’t refuse…but to go is to walk into an obvious trap…. and to make matters even more complicated…. the first prize is an artifact that the Lords desperatly need.

I won’t get to much further into it without it being a spoiler….and I’d hate to spoil this book for you.  Great book and a great read.  I couldn’t put it down.  I love the Harpies.  They are so much fun.  Filled with emotional ups and downs, battles, sizzling love scenes and wonderful angst…. you’ve gotta read this book.


Next comes Darkest Seduction, the previously mentioned Paris’s book….Keeper of Promiscuity or as Paris calls him… Sex.  One of the Lords of the Underworld, Paris has to sleep with a different person every day in order to stay alive.  Never has he been able to have the same woman more then once….. until he is captured by  the Hunter Sienna Blackstone.  In his escape from the Hunter’s care… Seinna is killed.  Only to be brought back to life by Cronos, the ancient Titan and God-King, and forced to be the Keep of the Demon Wrath.  Newly possessed by Wrath, Seinna is wracked with the need to punish and kill those around her.  Host to the demon Wrath and neither dead nor alive… Seinna is imprisoned by the God-King until she agrees to do as he commands… to obey him in all things.  Paris… having found out about Seinna’s imprisonment… will stop at nothing to get to the one woman he thought was out of his grasp forever.  Joined by the ever amusing William and a stoic Angel he’s in for one hellva fight.

I’ll be honest…I wasn’t all that fond of Paris.  I mean I didn’t not like him…. but I wasn’t drooling in anticipation like so many other were.  Silly me.  This book was great… longer then the others.  There were tantalizing glimpses of other character stories that do have me drooling in anticipation.  Seinna… for all I initically thought was going to be a weak whinny character turned out to be quiet but strong willed and kind.  Paris… who initially was so bright and happy…. turned so dark and dangerous.  It was wonderful watching these characters unfold as the story went…. to experience the emotional roller coaster that they were on.   A wonderful addition to the awesome series…only to find out…. that the Angels are having their own spin off!  *does happy jig*

Wicked Night is set to come out at the end of June, the first in her new Angels of the Dark series.  I can’t wait.  Watching the stoic holier-then-thou angels fall one by one is going to be so much fun.

Well I hope you enjoyed my lil review and I hope I sparked your interest to go out and get these books.  They really are awesome reads.

Thats all for today ya’ll



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