I’m sorry for his inadequacies

Sh*t my husband says part 3:

The day started of lousy…. ended up having a flat tire so my husband was late to work. When he gets there one of his bosses starts bitching about ” did you stop to think about finding another ride here?”
Instead of getting mad at her ( since of course he had tried to find a damn ride) he just looked at her and said “yup…and i forgot to start again.”  The other manager began cracking up. A few minutes later the first manager came back laughing and said “i just got it!!!”  My husband just looked at her and said “ooooh she who laughs last thinks slowest.”

Later one of his coworkers boyfriends
drive up. The man drives a very large supped up pickup. The coworker grins at my husband and says “now that’s a man with a big truck…”

My husband takes one look at the massive supped up vehicle and turns back to his coworker “I’m sorry for his inadequacies “.

Later….he walks into the kitchen and starts swearing….. of course concerned… I ask what was wrong.  Still furious he says ” we can create a gps to navigate us across the damn world.. so why the hell have we not yet created something to help us remember why we walked into the damn kitchen!?!”

Me: you forgot what u went into the kitchen for?

Husband: yes dammit.



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