Rough Times and Life Lessons….

Everyone has rough times in their life. Everyone gets down on their luck. Bad shit happens….its a universal fact. But when the SAME bad shit CONTINUES to happen to you despite removing yourself from the situation or relocating…. its no longer ‘oh I have bad luck’. Its now to the point you need to reexamine your life and ask yourself…. WTF am I doin’ that continues to make this problem manifest itself in my life? Why does this keep happening to me? It cant always be somebody else’s fault. At some point if you ever want to move forward in your life you have to take responsibility for all aspects of YOUR life. Mistakes made are Life’s Lessons. Learn from them. Even if its something as simple as stubbing your toe. How is stubbing your toe a life lesson? Think bout it. What is your reaction gonna be? Either 1. I need to pay more bloody attention to my surroundings. Or 2. I need to remove whatever it was that I just hurt myself with. Life lesson. And if you don’t learn from it….and instead, just ignore it…. you will CONTINUE to ‘stub your toe’ until you finally get it through your thick skull that you actually need to do something about the problem.


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