Alice in Zombieland

Being a huge fan of paranormal romance with authors like Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kresley Cole and Gena Showalter as personal favorites…. I’m always a little leery when my favorites branch off into the younger genres. However, much like Kenyon’s Chronicles of Nick and Coles’ Arcana Chronicles….I need not have worried.
Despite the title; Alice in Zombieland has nothing in common with Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland.  If you’re looking for a retelling of the classic story, only with zombies…Then you’ll be disappointed.  However, if you’re looking for fun YA book with refreshing take on the zombie genre…then this is a book for you.  It has many characteristics that I personally find appealing and I know I’m not alone… the whole “good girl meets bad boy and sparks fly” motif; for instance. Classic and always a fun choice.   
Alice is strong female character – which I love. Even before her trip into Zombieland, she was a strong character. Cole is the very personification of what every parent worries their daughter will bring home; even while the daughter is secretly hoping to find that bad boy with a heart of gold.  Kat, Alice’s best friend, was an instant favorite; despite her extremely sunny, perky attitude, there is just something about her you have to love.  Perhaps it is the fact that nothing seems to truly get her down; or maybe it’s her unwavering support of her friend… whatever it is, by the end of the book, you will have as much of a vested interest in her welfare as Alice does.
Now for everyone’s favorite part…the zombies. Done over and over again in various media- zombies are a favorite…hands down. As if the idea of virtually unstoppable undead hordes wasn’t frightening enough….imagine for a moment that…you couldn’t see them. In Showalter’s Zombieland; only a select handful of people could see these monsters and fight them. Freaky thought huh? These zombies aren’t the undead as we are familiar with; rather they are actually evil infected spirits that rise and hunt people down to consume a person’s very essence.  If you’re attacked and lucky, if your spirit is strong enough; you die… and your spirit moves on; if you’re not, the infection takes hold and you rise to prey on others…starting with those dearest to your heart.
It’s up to Alice and a handful of other teenagers to beat back the hordes…and they aren’t the only ones out hunting. Another group hunts the zombies; but unlike Alice and her friends, they don’t want to kill the creatures.  They want to shove the infected spirits in a living host in an attempt to control them.   Add in the normal school drama, homework, teachers, and over-protective grandparents…and life suddenly got a whole lot more complicated


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