Am I Sitting Still?

I love my family; my guys means the world to me…. but man, are they a sassy, sarcastic bunch, I swear.

So, I go to pick up our Pup from daycare and when I walk in I see he’s sitting in the office with one of the daycare workers. I sigh, preparing myself to hear what trouble my munchkin as gotten into THIS time.

When I ask her how he was, she just smiles and says, ‘oh he was fine…’

I must have looked as confused as I felt because she goes on to explain that no, he wasn’t in trouble per-say. He had just been dancing and jumping around while they were trying to clean up so they could close, and since he was more or less in the way they sent him to the office.

Apparently this pissed our little Pup off somewhat because she told me that as he’s sitting there as still as can be, he looks at her and says ‘Am I sitting still?’

Now, most kids would probably say this truly wondering if they were behaving like they were supposed to. Mine….not so much. The amount of sass he put into that simple question left no doubt that he was being a smartass.


Least he comes by it naturally. No, not me… that’s his daddy all the way. My husband is one of the most sarcastic assholes I’ve ever met; so it totally figures that my kid is developing a sarcastic attitude.

Ok…so maybe I have contributed to that sarcastic attitude a tiny bit as well…. but I still blame the majority on his daddy.

On another note, I took our Pup clothes shopping the other day. Now most 6 year olds go for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Spiderman or one of the superheroes…. mine, oooh no. He goes for the shirt with the great white shark shooting laser beams from his eyes and the pixelated skull and crossbones. Oh and dinosaurs… can’t forget the dinosaurs. Probably would have gone for Godzilla if they had had any… but in a small town Walmart the selection is limited.

Oh yes, my kid is a serious Godzilla fan, in this regard he totally takes after mommy.

Anyway, we add his shirts to the basket, get him a winter jacket and move on to look at more clothes. I call him over to look at some hoodies when he goes, ‘I want the ones in the basket.’

I try to explain that ‘no, sweetie you can have more’…. he just looks at me and repeats that he wants the stuff he’s already picked out.

Back and forth we went before I realized I was sitting there arguing with a freaking 6 yr. old over whether or not he was getting more clothes….


Adventures in clothes shopping, take 1. Ugh. Least it’s done for now.

Now it’s time to cook dinner and introduce the kiddo to Return of the Jedi…. to which he keeps quoting the damn Family Guy Star Wars. Dunno if I should be proud of that or not LOL.


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