Today was our Oceans storytime! Kids love animals, especially the weird and creepy critters that dwell in the deep. Or at least MY kid does. Our Pup LOVES the creepy ‘scary’ fish that live in the trenches. So, I decided to go that route with my non-fiction book.

I started off with Rainbow Fish Discovers the Deep Sea.


Then followed it up with my non-fiction book, Deep Ocean Creatures; which had pictures of several of the strange creatures Rainbow Fish encountered on his trip into the deep sea.


Next is my Don’t wake the Shark! game.
I found this idea on Pintrest along with the print outs here.


The principle of this game is to find the clown fish and NOT hit a shark. Each child gets a chance to come up and flip a card over. The game keeps going until all the clown fish are found or all the sharks have been ‘woken up’. The kids really seemed to enjoy the suspense of did we wake a shark???? LOL.  **Disclaimer: Now, I didn’t follow the rules exactly; in the actual rules of the game, if you find a shark the game is over and you have to start over.  Since this was a bit more time consuming than I wanted, I fudged the rules a teeny-weenie bit.**

After all the Nemos have been found or all the sharks have been woken; next we move on to our final book, which was The Pout-Pout Fish.


The kids really seems to giggle everytime this goofy fish went Bluuuuuuuub, and oozed down somewhere.

Next, I had a bit of show-and-tell. My mother and I we love to collect treasures from our walks; so between us, we have teeth, shells, and fossils from a wide range of oceanic critters. Sadly, I couldn’t find my big jar of sharks teeth…so I made do with what I had.


I managed to find a crab shell, two sharks teeth, a spiral shell and some sort of fossilized teeth from a filter feeder(?possibly?? I really have no idea.). The kids got to pass the items around and touch them. I even showed them how sharp the sharks teeth still were even after all that time in the ocean (millions of years?).  The largest of the teeth still sliced through paper easily.

Finally, after all the books had been read. We came to the kids favorite part…. CRAFT TIME!!

Today we made Jellyfish to go along with our ocean theme.





The Jellyfish were easy to make; only requiring a bowl, two (2) strips of crepe paper, two(2) pieces of ribbon, some glue dots, and some googley eyes.

I also gathered up some books and dvds on oceans and ocean creatures that I kept on a cart in the room so anyone who wanted to do some further learning, could do so.

**NOTE: This storytime is geared for children 2-5 yrs old and generally lasts 45 minutes to an hour depending on the craft**


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