Well…least he knows his horror…

So, my Pup is playing Aliens: Colonial Marines. Yes, I know, most gamers were very disappointed by this game. However, a 6 yr old who loves Aliens doesn’t care. All he wants to do is hunt down and shoot the Aliens and maybe gets a lil scared in the process.

In any case, he’s apparently started the game over for some strange reason. He’s  at a part where a woman from the missing Marine unit comes over the comms and says that she woke up with a spider wrapped around her neck. That it was dead and she didn’t  know where she was. The commander, or whatever the ‘person in charge’s’ rank is, told her she was the last of her unit and she needed to try to get to the others.

My kid, snorts at this and goes ‘well she’s gonna be dead soon anyway.’

I just looked at him and shake my head. ‘Gawd, baby…’

He realy looks at me and goes, ‘What???? She had a SPIDER wrapped around her neck. It was dead. So she’s going to die too…’


He ain’t wrong.  I dunno if I should be disturbed at the morbidness of the statement or applaud him for knowing the rules to his horror movies.


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