So… my son gave me a heart attack….

No, seriously….. I ’bout had a heart attack.

Since the last few days have been fairly nice, and my son’s school is barely a mile from our house, I’ve  taken to walking down to pick him up rather than having him go to daycare.

Not only does this give us a little Mommy-Son time, but it also gives us more time to do homework when we do get home and then maybe go to the gym with Daddy where our lil pup can practice his rock climbing skills.

Anyway, I was trying to get some errands done so we would have the afternoon free. I called up to the school and all it did was ring and ring. I tried for over 45 minutes and nothing.

Now it just so happened that there was some sort of power outage in our neighborhood. So, I figured that since I couldn’t get the school and it was already so late; I’d just pick our Pup up at his daycare.

So I finished my errands and went to sit outside his daycare and wait for the bus. A few minutes later the bus shows up……but no Pup. The daycare lady is checking all the kids names off her list, sees me and realizes ‘oh shit, we’re missing a kid’. We double check to make sure that he didnt just slip by us…. but no. He wasn’t there. Did he maybe fall asleep on the bus? No…. the other kids say he never got ON the bus.

Ok… initiate mommy panic mode.

The daycare lady gets on the phone and tries to reach the school while I head over there directly.

Get there…..and he’s not there anymore. He was. He thought he was being picked up. When I didn’t show up by 3:30 they started to panic, but since the phones were out they couldn’t  call (made worse by the fact that apparently my dumbass forgot to update the school records when we got new phone numbers). Instead, they called the bus and took our Pup to meet it at the middle school and then have him dropped off at the daycare.

Why she didn’t just take him to the daycare which was literally 5 minutes down the road; or have his teacher use that handy-dandy Class Dojo app to message me… I don’t know.

In any case, he was no longer at the school, so I went BACK to the daycare to wait.

An hour after he SHOULD have been picked up; I FINALLY get my kid. A lil freaked out, but none the worse for wear.

Think it was harder on Mommy than it was on him.

Well, this morning I went to the school to speak with the principle and figure out what the hell happened the yesterday.

Apparently, our Pup was TOLD to get on the bus, he was even taken down to wait for the bus….then the sneaky lil devil slides over and mingles with the older kids being picked up and deliberately didn’t  get on the bus.


Not sure if I should be proud at the cleverness he showed in getting what he wanted…. or pissed because he didn’t  listen and follow directions.

I swear…that kid is gonna be the death of me.



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3 responses to “So… my son gave me a heart attack….

  1. Jamora

    I felt my blood pressure rise as I read your entry. I hope your lil pup knows to listen next time. He’s just too clever for his own good. I’m glad he’s okay. This could be a great children’s story; there’s a lesson to be learned. Have a great day my favorite librarian. ❤

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