Being sweet…or planning world domination?

Its so hard to tell, lol.

Well it’s Saturday, after an fairly nice week without any major catastrophies; I’d almost hazard to say it was somewhat relaxing.

Now, as anyone with a child -especially a young child- knows, they’re up with the dawn. My Pup, for the most part, is old enough to know that he can get up, get some cereal and watch TV until Mommy or Daddy wake up.

Last night, he was even allowed to pick out a special ‘Halloween’ cereal (Count Chocula -coincidently one of Mommy’s favorites) for his breakfast in the morning on the condition that he share at least one bowl with Mommy.

So this morning, he comes in briefly to ask if he can have his cereal and play his game on the Xbox.

So he gets his breakfast and Mommy goes back to sleep gor a bit. Now, normally, I’d be lucky to get another hour of sleep. However today, be was nice and quiet and let up sleep til noon.

Then, when we wake up, he has breakfast ready for us -Count Chocula cereal and milk…well, almond milk for Mommy- which he presented to me as I walked into the living room.

At first, I had assumed that since my husband had gotten to the kitchen first, he was the one who had poured the cereal.


He was standing there with a kinda shocked smile on his face, a bowl of cereal in his hand. He looks at me and goes, ‘he made us breakfast….’

Now the Mommy in me just melts. Its the first time he’s done this all by himself. So I’m full of warm fuzzy feelings bout it.

However, I’m also an older sister who had an evil little brother. So a small part of me, not overrun with warm fuzzies, is looking round to see if something was messed up or broken.

I glance over and see my husband looking round in a similar fashion -clearly waiting for the other shoe to drop. 

I asked him if he was ok and he just nods and says “yea, just looking to see if he built a nuclear weapon outa his legos… maybe played frankstein with the cat….”

At which point, almost as if summoned, our cat Zill (short for Godzilla – give you 3 guesses whose cat she is LOL) jumped through the rather convenient cat-sized hole in the window screen…. and practically right into my husband’s lap.

Poor dear…. think he ’bout had a heart attack.

Evil things little boys and cats. Pretty sure they planned that. Give Daddy a heart attack today….tomorrow world domination!!!!


Hope everyone has a wonderful Caturday!!!



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