Adventures in 1st Grade Homework…

Ahhh homework, the bane of every kids existence.

So we’re sitting down working on my Pup’s vocabulary words. It’s instantly clear that he would much rather be chowing down on his after-school snack than doing his homework.

Conversation goes as follows:

Me: What does ‘agreement’ mean?

Him: Ugggh, I dunno.

Me: If someone ‘agrees’ with you, do you think its a good thing or a bad thing?

Him: A good thing?

Me: Do you think that means that someone thinks you are wrong or right?

Him: *very matter of factly* Everyone thinks I’m right.


Dad pipes up from the kitchen and they go off on a tangent.

Me: *trying to drag the conversation BACK to homework* Agreement…’having the same feelings or opinion’.

Him: *tries to repeat the definition around a bite of apple*

Me: *rolling eyes* Swallow first….

Him: *attempts to swallow and chokes*

Him: *dislodges apple and gives sheepish grin* need to chew it first…


I’m done… I just can’t…..


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