“Get Well Soon”

So, apparently the month of October is just NOT our month here at my library.  The black-cloud-o-doom seems to be hovering over us… so far in this month we’ve had evictions, break ins, funerals and at least three of our staff have needed medical attention, two of whom were from the children’s department alone!

So in honor of my dear injured companions; I decided to do a ‘Get Well Soon’ theme for my storytime.

My first book was Llama, llama, Home with Mama, by Anna Dewdney.  Followed by How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon by Jane Yolen.  Then we paused for our ‘game’ and afterward we finished with Pigs Make Me Sneeze! by Mo Willems.

Our ‘game’ this time was more along the lines of an activity.  I found a cute plush Clifford Dog in our storage area and made a bunch of paper band-aids.  Then I told the kids that Clifford had hurt himself and that we were going to doctor him up and make him feel better.  So I passed out different colored ‘band-aids’ and then called out the colors saying something like, “Oh no, Clifford sprained his tail; anyone with a blue band-aid come up and put a band-aid on Clifford’s tail.”

The kids really got a kick out of doctoring Clifford and wanted to keep playing with the band-aids and our favorite Big Red Dog.  In the end, after we had gone through all the colors, I said told them the Clifford was feeling much better, enough so that he was more than willing to give the kids ‘kisses’ (If they wanted them, of course).


After Clifford went back to his place and we finished our last book; it was craft time.  Since two of the Children’s staff were out – one due to falling and breaking her arm, another due to cancer treatments; I thought it would be nice (and easy) for us to all make ‘Get Well Soon’ cards and give them to my co-workers.  Since most of this storytime was done on the fly at the last minute; I just cut some different colored construction paper into halves, got out some crayons, stickers and glue and let the kids have fun.



Afterward, I hung the finished cards across my coworkers desks so they will see them first thing when they walk in.


Many thanks to Miss Barbara at the Library and Storytime Katie for the idea of ‘doctoring’ a stuffed toy; though in their versions they used flannel, not paper.


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