Today was my ‘Leaves’ themed story time.

I read Fall Leaves by Don Curry. A very simple, cute book of the various ways one can play in fall leaves.


My second book was a nonfiction called Fall Leaves: Colorful and Crunchy by Martha Rustad. This was a wonderful nonfiction book with bright colors that explained in simple terms what leaves did and how they changed over the seasons.


Next was my Leaf Identification game. I looked up several native species of trees here in Oklahoma and printed off pictures of the leaves. Then I cut the leaves in half and had the kids match the leaf halves in order to find out what leaf it was.




My final book was Fletcher and the Falling Leaves byJulia Rawlinson.  An adorable book about a young fox who doesn’t understand what Autumn means for trees and desperately attempts to prevent the leaves from falling off his favorite tree.


My morning crowd was a hard bunch, I was barely able to get them to say hello, much less converse with me about the stories we were reading. For such a large crowd, it was very quiet.  For my afternoon crowd, I had slightly older kids, so I switched Fall Leaves with Leaf Jumpers by Carole Gerber.

The afternoon crowd was as talkative as the morning group had been quiet.  However, they were more than eager to discuss the books, particularly the nonfiction book, learning new words like photosynthesis and chlorophyll. They also had no qualms with fussing at ‘the silly fox’ during the Fletcher book.

The craft for today were leaf prints.


My son and I collected a bunch of various leaves that morning before school. I set out paper, crayons and a pile of leaves on a table; and after a brief instruction, I let them go at it.


Again, the morning group, while engaged, were no where near as enthusiastic as the afternoon bunch.

I also had a cart of Leaf themed books available for further reading, as well as a take home paper of some different native Oklahoman trees and their leaves so the kids could identify the trees in their back yard.


All in all, the program was well recieved. Next week, I think I’ll do ‘Hibernation’; and the week after…well, I’m thinking with Turkey Day coming up, I might do ‘Carnivores’, since my kids seem to really respond well to the animal themed story times.

Hope all of you out there have a lovely week. Until next time….


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