I told you….

The other day my husband and son were heading to work/school, they were running a bit late,  so they weren’t paying attention.

The conversation went as follows:

Husband: c’mon, hurry up. We’re gonna be late

Son: Dad, there’s a dog back here.

Husband (absently): yes, yes there’s dogs everywhere, son. Now put your seatbelt on….

Son: Dad….there’s a dog..

Husband(as he’s backing down the driveway): I don’t care about the dog. Put your seatbelt on!

Son: Ooookay….

Turns the car around and starts driving down the driveway. Gets down the hill and across the cattle guard when suddenly a great big white canine head pops up over his shoulder.

Husband(slamming on the breaks): Dammit Bonnie!!!!!! Get out of the car!

At which point he opens the back door and our cousin’s 9 month old Great Pyrenee, who is already the size of a Shetland pony, hops out of the car and prances back up to the house.

My husband gets back into the car and drives off. There’s a long awkward pause before…

Son: I told you there was a dog in the car…..



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