I don’t even have the words…

A Saturday morning in the life of the Not So Nice Librarian…..

Sitting here, eating breakfast, its already been a bit of a tense morning; when my neice, who’s 5, comes walking into the kitchen calm as can be and tells me my son has his head stuck under the bed.



I go in there and this is what I see…


I just don’t even…. how???

By this time he’s starting to get a lil panicked, due to the fact that he is well and truly stuck.

At this point my neice, dear thing that she is, is snickering at him and climbs on the bed and starts bouncing. Meanwhile, my son is attempting to pull his head out and it’s just straight up not working.

I tell my neice to get off the bed…which apparently sounds hilarious from the other room because it sends all the other adults in the house into peals of laughter. I get MY kid to calm down long enough for me to lift this dang bed off him.

Only after, seeing fuzz and dustbunnies clinging to his hair, do I break into laughter too. I asked him, why he felt the need to put his head under the bed.

His response….?

He lost his marbles….

I just…. *sigh* I can’t. .. I just can’t. …

It’s not even noon yet….


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One response to “I don’t even have the words…

  1. Literally or figuratively “lost his marbles”? Thanks for sharing the laugh. Hope the day improves.

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