Of Snowflakes and I Told You’s…

Some days I really wish I could put a microphone on my kid and husband so I could record their conversations…

This one occurred on their way to come pick me up from work.

As they’re heading downtown, the conversation goes something like this….

Son:  Look! Dad! Snowflakes!

Husband: It’s to warm for snowflakes, son.

Son: Dad…I saw snowflakes.

Husband: No you didn’t. It’s not cold enough for snowflakes.

Son: It was a big snowflake!

Husband: It’s not cold enough for snowflakes, son. It was probably dust…

Son: UGH! *mutters angrily* It was NOT dust.

They turn down the street towards the library and low and behold…..



Son: See!

Husband: Oh… that is a snowflake….

Son:  I TOLD you….


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