So for this week’s story  time we did ‘Animals’, or specifically Carnivores, Herbivores and Omnivores.

While planning a previous story time we got a new book called Carnivores by Aaron Reynolds.


After looking this book over I knew I just HAD to do a story time with it; but how?

It’s hilarious, if a bit morbid.

Still, it was a cute illustration of predators being predators.

Which lead me to my idea.  Now ordinarily I would have thought  ‘carnivore’ was too big of a word for a preschooler to grasp; however, my own son, who is in this age bracket, grasped the concept so I figured, what the heck?

I started off the program by introducing my Animals story time, and then explaining how animals were broken into three different goups: Carnivores, Herbivores and Omnivores.  I gave a brief, simple description of what each one was and asked if anyone could think of an animal that fit into each catagory.

My first program is always very quiet; which sadly means less chance for discussions.  However, one of the little ones was feeling particularly chatty that morning… just not on what we were actually talking about.

In any case, since there’s a lot of younger kids in that morning session, I left out Carnivore, and went with Feathers for Lunch by Lois Ehlert.


Which is a simple, cute and colorful book that depicts a cat being well…a cat; and what kid doesn’t know that a cat chases birds?  Everyone who has ever watched Looney Toons knows that.

After that came,  Wild Kratts: Wild Predators


Now, I have a bit of a soft spot for the Katt’s. They are part of my childhood; I used to watch them way back when their show wasn’t animated and was called Kratt’s Creatures. So, I was rather surprised and giddy when one day I come in and saw my kid watching an animal show and recognized the two brothers.

Anyway, Wild Predators helped explain the difference between predators and prey; then went on to name a few different predators and some cool facts about each.

Next was our game: Carnivore, Omnivore, Herbivore.

I used many of the same animals I used last week, plus a few others; all Oklahoman species. I would let the kids come up, show them a picture, tell them what the animal was and then asked them to guess if the animal was a carnivore, a herbivore or an omnivore.


Some were obvious, but some were very tricky…even I hadn’t known the answer until I had done this program. Lets just say, I’m very glad I never took home all those box turtles I found as a kid; poor things would have died. I always thought they ate fruit….nope. They’re straight up carnivores….go figure.

In any case, the kids seemed to enjoy it; and liked finding out what the different animals ate.

The last book was Use Your Imagination by Nicola O’Byrne.


If you haven’t read this book, I really recommend that you should… it’s great fun. More funny than educational; yet still depicts a wolf doing what wolves tend to do – attempting to eat the bunny…. who of course ends up tricking the wolf. Seriously, check it out if you haven’t…it’s great. My kids really enjoyed it.

With my afternoon program, I switched the Feathers for Lunch with Carnivores; I figured the older children would get more fun out of it. There were quite few gasps and startled laughter during that book.

The craft this week were masks. I let them choose between a wolf, an owl, and a deer. They colored the masks then I taped string on so thy could wear them.


We had quite a colorful menagerie running round the library this afternoon.

And that’s probably going to be the last story time of 2015. Thursday will be a Wiggle program, which I’m not doing; our director volunteered to put on that program in my supervisor’s absence. On Friday, however, I’ll be doing our Fairytale/Folktale Friday program on Coyote. This will be the first time I’ve planned and implemented this program; I’ve only ever subbed for it once before. So wish me luck.

After that we only have three programs in December; one of our Wiggle to the Music programs, another Folktale Friday and a Winter Wonderland Story time at the end of December… but I wil be on vacation during most of that (yaaay me lol). Actually that’s just me forgetting I had vacation days…again…. and having to cram it all in at once. Oops….


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