New Year, New Goals, New Life



I hope everyone reading this, and even those who don’t-though, really you should cause I’m awesome, but I digress, are having a wonderful day spending time with the people they love…. or in the case of those celebrating Singles Awareness Day, I hope you too are enjoying your day doing whatever it is you enjoy doing and I hope all the lovey-dovey hearts and chocolate posts haven’t driven you to the point of insanity yet.

Well, here we are, about half way through the second month in the New Year; it’s time to take a moment and reflect.  Sadly our year so far has been chaotic to say the least.  Which I detest, I really do, I like things being quiet and easy going…if I want excitement, then I’ll go out and actively pursue it, otherwise, I like my quiet solitude. Unfortunately that just hasn’t been the case this year. .

They was some upheavel during January; enough so that for a while there we thought we would have to move once again. Not really something I wanted to do, but coming back to a chaotic and stressful house every day wasn’t either.

February seems to be going better; one of our cousins just bought a new house so helping them get it ready has proven to be a distraction for just ’bout everyone.

So, for the moment, things seem to have settled. Which is good; we’re still wary and tense coming into the house, wondering what the mood is going to be like…but so far, things have returned to some semblance of normality. *knock on wood*

This year seems to be all about fitness. Something my husband has been actively pursuing for well over a year now, especially in recent months after a leg injury in the summer kept him from work for monthes on end.

With that injury and the required physical theapy that followed; my dear hubby seems to have found his niche in life.

Physical therapy and personal training.

Something he is now actively going to school for and pursuing a degree in .

His hard work and studying is already beginning to pay off, as in the last month, he’s developed a bit of a following at the gym. It started with one of the trainers leaving to open his own gym; leaving many of the women in his morning class in a bit of a bind since he didn’t provide child care at his gym, where as the Wellness Center did.

Next thing my hubby knew, he had some of those ladies asking him for help, since he was always there and seemed like he knew what he was doing….. then, before he knew it, he had an unofficial class on his hands. People calling and texting him on his off days asking for regiments, asking if he would be in the gym that day or even to let him know they wouldn’t be making ot to the ‘class’.

Which caught the Wellness Center’s manager’s attention, and boom, he’s got a job doing what he loves and they’re planning on sending him to the classes to get certified TO be an official personal trainer. Go baby!

Now, where do I come in on all this? My fitness participation was sporadic at best, non existent at worst.

I’ll admit, the gym bores me. I’m much more of a get outside and play kinda girl, rather than a gym rat.  I had the inclination to improve myself, but not really the drive.

I was/am reasonably happy with myself and saw no reason to change. Plus, I hated exercise. I hated being sore and achy. I hate being sweaty and nasty smelling.  The only time you’d see me running was if there was a bear chasing me.

That being said…. the drive provided itself in the oddest and most innocent of ways….my son.

I’m laying there in bed cuddling with my kiddo when he bounced his head on my stomach and goes: “mommy your tummy is squishy….” then with a very serious face, “are you having another baby???”

Anyone who knows me knows that I loathed being pregnant. I had never intended on having children in the first place. Didnt want em, didn’t really even like em (kinda ironic that I ended up being a Children’s Librarian, huh?). My first, and only pregnancy thank you very much, was a complete and total ‘oops’.  It was completley unexpected and unintended and has changed my life in ways I never knew it could.  It took a while for the concept of ME being a ‘mom’ to sink in; up until that point I had always been told I had the maternal instincts of a guppy.

In any case, I’ve come to enjoy and cherish motherhood in all its complexities. However, that doesn’t mean I want more. One was more than enough, he’s turned out to be wonderful….why mess with perfection? Plus there was the teeny tiny issue of almost loosing both him and I during the delivery and the general unpleasantness-i.e. spending literally an entire 9 months puking my guts out and feeling like I had the flu- that was my pregnancy.  Yea no….have no desire for a repeat.

So needless to say, having my son ask me if I WAS pregnant, really gave me the kick in the ass I needed. The next week I went and renewed my membership at the Wellness Center and my husband volunteered to be my ‘personal trainer’.

Just about every day since, I’ve in there.  In the mornings, my hubby has his morning class and gets his work out in then in the evening time I come in and workout.

We started off slow, working to build me back up because WOOOOOOW, I had not realized how horribly out of shape I was.

I mean, I did yard work, and hiking but these things were all reasonably low impact. I knew I had bad knees – known that one for ages.  Hell I started having problems with my knees in high school.  Then, some time while my son was an infant I hurt my shoulder…. not sure when or what I did, but I could barely lift my arm and getting anything above shoulder height-yea right.

I’ve come to find that there’s something very relaxing about working out; just having your music blaring and counting out the reps.  I can see why my hubby likes it so much…. still prefer being out in nature myself.

Which is why I decided that one of my ‘goals’ was to run a 5k.  I’ve done a 5k before; a friend and I did one last year and it was fun, but we walked most of it. So this time my goal was to actually RUN one.


Goals for 2016:
– run a 5k
-participate in one of the 5k obstacle courses
-be able to lift 20lbs over my head
-go on an over night thru hike
-be able to hike with 50+ pounds for at least 3 miles (in case either my son or dog are injured while out on a hike, I’ll be able to carry them back out again.)
-complete the 500 miles Challenge by the end of 2016

Just a few of the goals I wish to accomplish this year. This is a year for fitness – even the Summer Reading Program theme for 2016 is Fitness – and Adventures.

I want to be able to take my son out and explore the natural world around us.  I want to be able to take him hiking up mountains and camping. Real camping where you need to carry the gear with you, rather then just park and have the car and tent right there.

But all these things require me to be in better shape then what I currently am.  It’s not even about loosing weight, though there is that too; I’m just tired of feeling like an old woman when I’m only 31.

So far, it seems to be working. My knees no longer hurt as much and I can actually jog short distances.  Walking is still easiest – I can walk 5 miles in about an hour and  a half. On the days I’m off, thats what I do after I drop Boo off at school.  I go back to the outside track and walk 5 miles. I’m averaging 10, sometimes 15 miles a week…. which isnt bad if I do say so myself.

My shoulder still needs work – lots of work – but we’re getting there. By the time Spring gets here – if she isn’t early like so many think she’s going to be this yr – I might actually be ready to do the Warrior Dash obstacle course in May. Which is something I’ve been wanting to try for years now.

I’ll have a new  Storytime post of ya’ll later this week as well. I’m doing an Elephant and Piggie storytime.  I’m actually really excited, not only is it the first storytime of the new year, but I love Elephant and Piggie.  The only issue seem to be CHOOSING which books I want to read that day!

Until then, I hope everyone has been havng a wonderful year so far…and if youre not, well….its still early enough to change it.


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