Elephant and Piggie Storytime

Hip-hip hooray for the beginning of a new year of storytimes!!! Woohoo!!!!

So for the first storytime of the New Year, I decided to do an Elephant and Piggie theme.

Sadly, I have to confess that I’m rather late to jump on the Mo Willems band wagon. I didn’t discover Elephant and Piggie until I did the Get Well Soon storytime back in October of last year. I read Pigs Make Me Sneeze and enjoyed it so much, I took it home to read to my son….. who LOVED IT.

After that, the kid has been on an Elphant and Piggie kick. Which is awesome, they’re one of the few books that interest him enough that he wants to read them on his own. Sure he’s looked at the pictures of the nonfiction books he gets and he’s great at memorizing the words to some of his favorite books and ‘reading’ them back to me. However, Elephant and Piggie were simple and nonthreatening enough that he would sit and actually attempt to (and normally succeed at) reading them to himself.

Since they had been such a hit in my household over the holidays; I decided to dedicate a whole storytime to the two best buddies. Probably one of the easier programs I’ve put together. There were so many great ideas floating around the internet.

The hardest part?

Choosing only three bookst to read during the program!!! I loved so many of them!

I finally decided on:

We Are in a Book


Listen to MyTrumpet


And finally, my personal favorite; Pigs Make Me Sneeze


Both the kids AND the parents laughed during these books; which is great and I always consider a win.

After the first two books, I did my ‘game’;  I did Help Elephant Find Piggie! Piggie was hiding in one of the books, help Elephant find his friend! An idea I totally borrowed from Literary Hoots .



Each kid got a chance to come up and either choose a color or physically flip up the book. We kept going until someone found Piggie. Then I’d ask if they wanted to play again; if they did (and they did) then they had to close their eyes….NO PEEKING NOW! And I’d hide Piggie again, and the game would start anew. We did this two or three times before I went into the third and final book.

Here’s the templates I used:




Or you can always mosie over to Literary Hoot and check out their Friends storytime and get the templates there as well.

For the craft portion of my program I did Elephant and Piggie paperbag puppets.



I borrowed the idea from Kindergarten Nana’s Pigeon Party storytime.



I printed off the templates onto colored paper and cut them out. They had a bit of a gray tint to them, but not enough that it was noticable. A reminder though: DON’T FORGET TO PRINT DOUBLE EARS FOR ELEPHANT!  I say that because I did…. oops. Got everything cut out and started putting pieces together when I realized, whoopsie I was short on ears! So I had to trace a few more and cut them out again.

Since I have a lot of younger kids, I pre-cut everything and instead of using gluesticks… which never seem to stick like they should. I put gluedots on the back of each piece with the protective paper still on them so all the kiddos had to do is peel off the back, just like a sticker (and what kid doesn’t love and understand the concept of a sticker??).  I also went and numbered each piece and the corresponding place on the paperbag. Basically, a match the piece to the number – practice those numbers!

It made putting together the puppets easier, and the few older kids I had were able to figure it out and move on to the next part without having to wait for the younger ones.

It was a great success and we even ended up have an impromptu puppet show put on for us by a couple of the children, who acted out two of the books for us.



It was great. And as always, I had a cart full of Elephant and Piggie books for them to take home a few after the program.


Not a single kiddo left without at least two tucked under their arms or shoved into their library bags.

So all in all, despite having a sore throat and cough, our first storytime of 2016 was a success. I won’t be doing the storytime next Tuesday; my supervisor and I take turns doing storytime each week. So my next one will be at the end of the month. Since it’sa leap year this year, I think I’m gonna do a storytime on ‘Things that Leap’? Can’t remember where I heard that idea from, probably Storytime Underground -an awesome Facebook group I follow; but I love the idea, and it’ll give me a chance to incorporate some nonfiction books back into the program as well.

So, until next time folks…..tootles!


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