‘Things with Teeth’ Storytime

So last week was a very busy week for me and honestly, I ended up having only a single day to work on my storytime for this week.  Which is fine, you’d be amazed at what I can come up with in an eight hour time period.

In truth, I had absolutely NO idea what to do my storytime on this week.  Initially, I had planned on doing my Snake storytime. Yet, with only one day, to get everything together, I felt that wouldn’t do that particular theme justice. Especially since teaching kids about Snakes is something I’d fairly passionate about.

It just so happened that we had gotten a bunch of new books delivered recently; while I was going through them, I found some really cute ones that I thought the kids would like… and then a theme just popped into my head: ‘Things with Teeth’.  I had a ‘Things that Leap’, why not a ‘Things with Teeth’ – all the characters in the books I’d decided on had teeth… so yea, it worked. Woohoo!

Anyway, I started off asking the kids if they could think of some animals that had teeth – which they were more than happy to shout out to me.  Then I asked if they could think of some animals that DIDN’T have teeth…. could have heard the crickets chirping on that one.  One or two voices suggested something – chickens, and new-born babies.

My first book was The Very Cranky Bear by Nick Bland


A cute story about a bunch of animals who disturb poor bear while he’s trying to sleep and how they attempt – and fail- to cheer the grumpy omnivore up.  There were quite a few places in this book where Bear roars, which made great opportunities for the kiddos to demonstrate their roaring abilities (which was quite impressive. I had 18 kiddos in my morning session – twice the amount I normally have. Ordinarily, we are lucky to have 18 kids total for both sessions!)

The next book was The Dragon’s Toothache by Annie Basant.


This was a very colorful book; it depicts a girl coming upon a dragon with a toothache and tries to help him, only to be accidentley swallowed. Once swallowed, the girl finds herself in the dragon’s belly along with a bunch of other characters that had also been swallowed when they attempted to help the dragon. The story was very cute and in the end, encourages children to brush their teeth to avoid a toothache.

After that, we played my “Teeth or No Teeth” game.  I rooted through all the animal pictures I had accumulated – which was a LOT – and sorted them into animals with teeth and those that didn’t have teeth.  I passed out various pictures to the kids and they each got a chance to come up to the board and try to decide whether their animal had teeth or not.

If they needed help or didn’t know what the animal was; I would ask the rest of the kids to help them and all of us would figure out which column the animal went.


The third and final books was called SQUISH, SQUASH, SQUEEZE by Tracey Corderoy


Which was a very cute, brightly colored book that depicted a bear, crocodile and tiger attempting to prevent a mouse from moving into their house.

For the craft portion of my program; we made:

Clothes Pin Sharks and Crocodiles. 

What you need:

Shark clipart

Crocodile clipart

clothes pins

glue dots

green card stock (optional)

white cardstock

Alligator clipart


Shark clipart

tiger shark

I printed off the sharks on white cardstock, and the alligators on green cardstock. I cut them out and then cut them in half.  Using the whole picture doesn’t really work (sadly) the tails just get in the way. So I trimmed those off and  then cut the alligator and the shark horizontally through their mouths.

Next, then I put glue dots on the backs of both the top and bottom of the animals. Then stuck them to the side of the clothes pin.

Those are very simplistic instructions. If you need more detailed ones, message me and I can send you some step-by-step instructions.

Anywho… you’re finished craft should resemble these:





The kids loved making their own sharks and alligators. I had quite a few that were attempting to ‘chew’ on things throughout the library after storytime ended, including me! LOL

I also made sure there was a cart available of books for them to check out, if they wanted. Now since I had such a wide topic range; I had everything from teeth, to dentist visits, to various animal books – both fiction and nonfiction – available.


I hope you all enjoyed Things with Teeth; we’ve only got two more storytimes (only one of which I’m doing).

My next one will be on Snakes for sure. Last Sunday my son nearly stepped on this lil guy

When leaving his aunt house after dinner. It was laying out in the driveway by our car. Now, it’s probably hard to see…. but that’s a copperhead. So sadly, it didn’t survive us finding it. I wouldn’t be able to stand it if we let it live and then found out one of our baby cousins found it and got bitten.

Just goes to show that it’s definitely time to pull out that storytime and get to working on it. I got over a week to get it ready.


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