Adventures in Camping


It starts off slow, a few wispy clouds to the south. Then builds….


Soon  the sky has grown ominoysly dark. The wind picks up and thunder cracks the sky, shaking your very bones.


An evening thunderstorm has arrived.


Not uncommon at this time of year in Oklahoma.

Just figures its my damn luck to be camping when it does.

Yea, you heard me, my pasty white ass is in stuck in a tent in the middle of a thunderstorm. Just bloody brilliant.

Last time ot stormed, we road it out in the car because the poor dog is terrified of storms. This time…..hubby has the car.

I’ve prepared an covered area for the dog to hide, I’ve covered things that would be ruined if gotten wet, and I’ve even had the mind to set aside some firewood and kindling so I can make a fire later…… if the rains let up later.

Last time I had a big enough fire going that I kept some embers alive despite the downpour; yet getting a damn fire to actually CATCH after that was a pain in the ass. So now firewood is covered.

We’re about as ready as we can be for this storm. Even have a little green umbrella….just in case.

Lemme tell ya, riding out a thunderstorm in a tent is not one of my favorite things to do.  For one….its loud. No, I’m not talking ’bout the thunder either; though that was plenty loud too. No, the bloody RAIN was loud. And being in a small tent, it sounded like it was RIGHT ABOVE YOU….. ’cause, well…. it really was.

The munchkin and I ended up sleeping through it all. Fortunatley, the tent didnt blow away (YAY!) and we stayed dry.  Granted, that was mostly do to the fact that we were on an air mattress, had we been on the ground in sleeping bags, we would have woken up very damp this morning.

The tent leaked.

Yup….aint that grand? Though, you get what you pay for and really, how well do you expect a cheap $24 tent to hold up to a thunderstorm???

When the hubby got back close to 1:30 am, we went up to the bath house so I could go potty. I’m at the sink, washing my hands when I felt something bump my foot. Thinking its another june bug, I glance down.

Its not a june bug.

Its about the size of my fist, a dingy brown color….  now, I don’t have my glasses on, so to me it kinda looks like a….RAT!!!!!

Now, I didn’t scream, presay(of course, I didn’t,  I never scream) but I may have sucked in a rather large noisy breath that turned into hysterical laughter.

It wasn’t a rat….it was a TURTLE.  There was a bleaping turtle, covered in mud, in the women’s bath house.

Sadly, my phone was dead at the time so I couldn’t get a picture of the lil bugger. Thank goddess it was the middle of the night and no one was awake to witness me bout to loose my shit over a damn turtle.

Other then a little leaking, which may or may not be fixed with a little bit of sealant, and a wee run in with a peeping tom turtle, we made it though the night without any problems.

The morning, however,  is a different story.

Ugh….I hate mud. Its all well and good if you purposely go out with the intent of getting muddy. After a night of heavy rain, everything is damp and dirty. So it takes twice as long to clean and put away everything.

Which doublely sucks since we were heading out today, so I had to pack up the tent….which of co u rse, was covered. Had to roll up the mattress, which first had to be dried since, yea it was laying in a puddle.

We didnt really wanna stop our camping adventure yet,  but apparently this lake only allows you to camp for 10 days in a row before you gotta leave for at least 7. A little silly if you ask me. I mean, I understand why they do it and all…. but still.

All in all it was a fun trip. Wotko’s first. Kid is 7 yrs old and we hadn’t taken him camping yet. How awful is that?

He loves it, as most kids seem to. So we’ll probably be back out there in 7 days time, or we’ll go to another lake (every time we go back to the house we’re staying at, my husbands aunt tried to give our dog away. How fucked up is that? All because she’s on a chain. But, I digress).

So far we’ve seen tons of animals fish, turtles, snakes, geese…soooo many geese, a crane, various birds, and squrriels.

We’ve found 2 baby snake skeletons, which was so cool. What? I collect bones and weird shit, hush, don’t  judge.


We found a baby bird… at first I thought it had been hurt. We caught it and put it into a bucket so our hell hound wouldn’t  see it.


Turns out, it was fine. Probably tired. Apparently it was learning to fly that day. Mama bird was in the tree right above me, and bot was she pissed when I picked up Jr. After it rested, it hopped out of the bucket and it and Mama went back to uts flying lessons. Which was rather cool to watch.

The geese were near permenent guests at our site. Every morning and wvening they would come by, at least 30 of them.


We did have a few hiccups during the trip. On day 1, since my husband was working a lot, Wotko and I went and set up camp.

No, biggie, right? Setting up a tent is fairly easy.

Well we get everything set up and I’m working on building a fire. Never really tried doing so before, least not without lighter fluid. I’m sitting on one of the larger srones of the fire pit when this older gentleman comes up and offers me a folding chair.

Well, thats sweet. I had wanted a chair, but it hadn’t been on the budget this run. So, I tell him thank you and he offers to lend a hand if we need help. He poi ts us to this big, nice RV with a sleek Mustang sitting beside it. He apparenly even has a dishwasher in there.

How the hell is THAT camping?  But, I don’t say anything. My Mama taught me manners, and when someonenis being nice to you, you don’t get snide.

So anyway, he leaves and I go back to my fire. Then a while later he comes back and asks if we’re ‘ok’.

It hasnt even been an hour.

Me: Well, yes sir, we’re fine.

Mr. Nice Guy: Are you sure? *looks at tent* because you look a little ill prepared.


It takes everyrhing I have not to say: ‘why? Because i dont have a dishwasher in my tent?’

By this point I’m a little peeved, but am still being polite. He leaves and we dont see him til the next day.

The hubby is off work that afternoon, so he’s cooking us steaks. The guy comes BACK over and is like ‘ooooh so there is a man, here. I was worried there for a minute.’

Then he starts talking to my hubby about our tents and just making small talk.

I’m bout to loose it. Few things get me as steamed as someone thinking I NEED a man to take care of me. Sexist bullshit pisses me off, so badly.

After that, Mr. Nice Guy didn’t say a thing to us for a solid week. He didn’t even come get his chair when he left.

Then there was a lady who complained about our dog being left at site. Even though she had food, water and was right next to the lake so she could go lay in the water.

She ended up coming over and feeding her and shit. As if our Mia was starving. She JUST had a big steak all to herself. She’s not starving.

Then there were the idiots who decided that HEY LETS GO FISH WHERE THE PEOPLE ARE CAMPING. (-_-) Ugh.

First time this idiot was fishing RIGHT NEXT to the dog. And she was terrified of this guy waving a pole around. I got back from work and there he was, 2 ft from my dog. Like, seriously WTF?

I (politely) chased him off. Then a few days later, I’m sitting there cooking andsome other idiots pull into the area between our site and our neighbor, and get out to fish. Not only that, seeing us RIGHT THERE, they come over onto our site and start fishing.

Seriously,  did they change lake etiquette and I wasn’t aware of it? I coulda sworn that if someone was camping, you didnt fish. Same as if someone was fishing, you didnt swim in that area.

So this time, I sicced my Wotko on them. See how relaxing fiahing is when you have a 7 yr old talking your damn ear off.

They lasted about 10 minutes before they went back to their car.

Not saying my kid is annoying. Buuuut, he’s a talker. And he’s not shy in the slightest.



Other then that, it was a fairly relaxing trip. I look forward to the next one. ‘Til then, here are some pictures Wotko and I took over our trip.













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