Heyla everyone, welcome to my little corner of cyber space.  I’m Nyxx (also know as MephistophelesNyx and/or NuckinFutsNyxx – my online and gaming personas).  I’m a Mother, a wife, a librarian, a registered minister and an eclectic solitary pagan.   I’m also a writer and an artist depending upon which muse is calling to me at the time.  I live in the middle of nowhere in Oklahoma in good ol’ U.S. of A.


I try to live a drama free life; sadly it seems the more I try, the more crap I have to deal with. Gotta laugh at yourself though, right? Might as well share my morbid and twisted sense of humor with everyone else. No reason my family and friends should be the only ones to suffer my particular brand of insanity…though, they ARE the main causes of it.

So sit back, and enjoy the sheer randomness that has become my life. Who knows what all I’ll post on here. Stories, recipes, maybe even some storytime ideas from work… WHO KNOWS!!!


Thanks for visiting my little cave and I hope you enjoy.




3 responses to “About

  1. Anna

    Fellow Oklahoman!!

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