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As well as being a librarian, I am also a registered minister here in Oklahoma.  I am non-denominational and believe in equality.  I decided to become a minister, not because I have strong religious beliefs; rather because here in Oklahoma many of the counties do not allow judges to sign off on contracts, or have even have a Justice of the Peace.  You HAVE to have a member of the clergy sign off on your certificate. Which, considering this is the bible belt, was proving difficult for anyone who was not a member of  or where personal preferences conflicted with the teachings of the mainstream religions.

So I created The Equal Opportunity Minister to provide marriage and other ceremonial services to all individuals within Oklahoma, regardless of race, religion, gender preference or sexual orientation.

Visit my website at The Equal Opportunity Minister for more information and pricing details. I’m not in it for the money; so the pricing is more of a guideline. If you would really want me to officiate your wedding, or preform some other ceremonial service for you, but you’re on a budget; let me know and we can work something out.

I can also be found on Facebook under The Equal Opportunity Minister.

So if you’re in Oklahoma and find that you’re in need of a minister, by all means, either contact me on here, my website, Facebook, or email me.


I look forward to hearing from you!


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